Summer Electrical Safety Tips For Cincinnati Homes

summer electrical safety tipsSummer is here, the sun is out, and everyone is ready to celebrate. Between weekend barbeques, family events, and holidays it is easy for home owners to overlook one major detail: electrical safety. So what exactly is there to worry about? Well, here is a list of summer electrical safety tips that are frequently overlooked by the average Cincinnati home owner.

Were you aware that electrocution is one of the top ten accidents that occur within the home? According to statistics released by the National Institute of Health, roughly one thousand individuals die every year due to electric accidents that happen in homes. Disturbing isn’t it? Who would think that the items we use on a daily basis could be so dangerous.

Luckily, by following a few simple tips, it is very easy to avoid electric mishaps. By implementing these easy methods you can relax, and enjoy your summer months knowing the right precautions have been taken.

Make sure to periodically check extension cords for wear and tear. These are very easy to overlook as most homeowners tuck them behind furniture. Out of sight and out of mind. Yet, over time friction can cause the cord’s surface to degrade, exposing wires in the process. This can be avoided by examining the cords every few months.

As most parents are aware, electric sockets and children are strangely drawn to one another. Throw in a metal dinner fork, and this is a recipe for disaster. Electric socket covers are the answer to this dilemma. They are relatively inexpensive, and should be placed on all exposed outlets. Even better is to have tamper resistant receptacles installed, they allow plugs in and keep children out.

Bathrooms and kitchens can be considered hotspots due to their inclusion of water faucets. As everyone knows, water and electricity are not a good combination. Potential mishaps can be easily avoided by spending a few minutes checking the electric outlets in each room. Any exposed outlets should be covered for safety reasons.

While on the topic of water, make sure never to handle appliances or electric outlets with wet hands as this can lead to an unpleasant shock. The same goes for electronics – unless it has specifically been designed to withstand water, keep it away! If you have a pool or hot tub in the back yard, periodically examine the underwater lighting for potential issues. Older pools and hot tubs may have faulty wiring, and will benefit from annual maintenance.

Air conditioners, hot tubs, and large appliances need to be plugged into grounded outlets. Extension cords are not safe to use, and may create unsafe conditions. If you have any questions regarding the connection, it may be wise to invest in a reputable electrician and have him or her check the connection.

The good news is maintaining and preventing electric accidents in the home is cost effective, and relatively easy to do. Initially the first time a homeowner starts checking the house for potential hazards, it may take a day or two. Once all the safety precautions are taken, maintenance is minimal. For those homeowners who are concerned with

By checking electric outlets, covering exposed sockets, and following these summer electrical safety tips, you can sit back confident knowing the chances of an electrical accident within your home have been minimized. So stop worrying, put on a flashy Hawaiian t-shirt, and enjoy that lovely Cincinnati summer.

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  1. Andy Harrison

    Since being electrocuted is up there on the top accidents, it just shows how important it is to hire a professional electrician. For me, I would for sure hire one since I don’t know that much about electrical. Plus, I wouldn’t want to shock and injure myself.


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