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What to Do About a Frayed Refrigerator Cord

9594759_sYour Westchester home needs regular maintenance and checks to make sure everything is in order, and so do your appliances! It’s easy to look after small kitchen appliances, but looking after the larger ones, especially your refrigerator, can be a challenge!

Cords are often the weak spot in any device that runs on electricity — think of how easily your phone charger cord can be damaged! Your refrigerator is also susceptible to a frayed or otherwise damaged cord, and it poses a significant risk to your home for a lot of reasons. Just some of the potential risks include:

Power Flickers or Outages:

You may find that a frayed cord or a damaged cord can’t carry electricity as effectively, and so it draws more power than it should, which can then result in the power flickering — or worse, an outage.

Overloading and Burn Outs:

A damaged plug might overload, which causes overheating and could even burn out your refrigerator entirely.

Electrical Arcing and Fires:

The exposed wires inside the cord can interact with other wires nearby by arcing, which can lead to more wiring damage, or worse, an electrical fire.

Don’t Wait for a Fix if Your Refrigerator Cord is Frayed

Fraying can happen as part of normal wear and tear, especially in older models of refrigerator. You may find that the cord is damaged while moving, or while being dragged across a surface. Smashing or crushing the cord, or catching it on a sharp object, can also cause damage. It’s generally not advised to trap your cord under a rug, or hang it from a nail.

The cord can fray and wear away at any point along its length, and even crack open. So check the full length of the cord! It might also separate from the plug itself, revealing the wires at this weak point.

As a homeowner, you should be checking on the condition of all your appliances regularly. If you find it’s damaged, don’t wait to see if it gets worse — contact an experienced, licensed electrician right away! Generally it is important to cut the power to the device to prevent a burnout or worse, a fire. This can be as simple as unplugging the fridge, but in severe cases it is safe to cut power from the circuit breaker.

In many cases, you do not need to replace the entire appliance! It is possible to repair or replace the cord. Repairs are often the least expensive option, especially with older models of refrigerator, which might not have replacement parts readily available.

Do not attempt DIY repairs where electricity is involved! Instead, you are better off calling us and setting up an appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgeable electricians! We can get your refrigerator back to a safe, working condition and ensure your kitchen remains the lifeblood of your home.