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Everything You Need to Know About Light Bulbs

light bulbsLight bulbs are a necessity in any home or business, in part because we use so many of them on a daily basis. These are items that, although important, we rarely think about. However, since they are so important to our daily lives, it is no wonder some people want to know more about them. How do bulbs work? How many types of bulbs are there? For the person that is curious about everything, including bulbs for our lamps and other devices, the answers to these questions and more are pretty simple.

How Do Bulbs Work?

Bulbs have only a few basic parts, and if you purchase the clear ones, you can actually see the parts inside. The main components are two stiff wires that start at the base of the bulb and are usually made of alloy. The alloy is a combination of iron and nickel, and the two wires are called the leads. Near the center of the bulb, stretched between the leads, is a smaller wire called the filament, usually made of tungsten. This is the working part of the bulb, and when a lamp or another device is turned on, the filament gets hot and creates a glow. When making a bulb, the air is taken out and replaced with nitrogen and argon, which prevent the filament from burning up and causing damage. Regardless of the size of the bulb or the voltage used, most light bulbs work this way.

Types of Bulbs

Bulbs come in many sizes and shapes, depending on the device or appliance they are meant to fit in, and this includes the following types:

* LED bulbs, which come in a variety of shapes

* Edison bulbs, which have a more vintage, classic look

* Candle bulbs, shaped like a candle light

* Halogen bulbs, used mostly for portable lighting devices

* Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) bulbs, usually used for floodlights

* Standard household, incandescent bulbs

* R-bulbs, used for recessed areas

* Fluorescent bulbs, which save energy and last a long time

* Globe bulbs, which are round and used in bathrooms or dressing rooms

* Appliance bulbs that are used for refrigerators, stoves, and appliances

* CFL bulbs, another energy-saving option

Within each of these categories, there are also sub-types of bulbs, as well as bulbs of various sizes and shapes. The first thing necessary for purchasing the perfect bulb is to determine which type will work best in your appliance or another device, which can usually be determined by reading the manufacturer’s instructions. Always follow their guidelines exactly, and your light bulb should work fine.

Over two billion light bulbs are sold every year, resulting in roughly $1 billion in sales, and approximately one-fourth of our electricity bill each month comes from lighting our homes with them. Most bulbs last roughly 10,000 hours, which is another reason to get the type and design you like. Bulbs of all types last a long time, serve an important function, and these days, come in a variety of sizes that are long-lasting, save energy, and can be fun to buy.