Ten Ways to Reduce the Average Home Electricity Bill

Efficient Use of Electricity Saves Money

It’s important for occupants of homes to see the “bigger picture” to reduce the cost of their electricity. In Cincinnati, there are ten ways the average home electricity bill can be reduced by at least 15%. These include:

  • More efficient use of home appliancesEfficient Use of Electricity Saves Money
  • Use of electrical timers for HVAC systems and appliances
  • Coordinating use of home entertainment units and computers
  • Reducing wattage for lighting
  • Upgrading the electrical amp service
  • Replace outdated appliances
  • Monitor electricity use by manually reading the meter
  • Track changes on electricity bills to note highs and lows
  • Replace filters on furnaces and A/C units
  • Reduce water heater temperature

Learn How to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Use these ten ways to reduce the cost of electricity for the home. Learn how to reduce your electric bill by paying more attention to the efficiency ratings of home appliances at time of purchase. This is particularly important for larger appliances like freezers and refrigerators, but may also include today’s higher capacity washers and dryers. More efficient use of home appliances may require a little planning. For example, opening and closing refrigerator and freezer doors reduces the temperature and requires more electricity to restore the manufactured temperature rating. For laundry appliances, coordinate the use of washers and dryers so that they are operating for shorter periods of time. Make use of energy efficient settings on washers and dryers. Generally, these settings apply to types of fabrics that require less time to complete laundry cycles.

Use of Electrical Timers for HVAC systems and Appliances

Most electrical thermostats for HVAC systems have the ability to program the temperatures for heating and cooling according to personal needs. For example, program the thermostat so that it reduces the temperature when the home is unoccupied. Small appliances like coffee makers can be programmed. Coordinate the use of home entertainment units and computers by turning them off when not in use. Note that a small amount of electricity is generated to these units when they are plugged in to an electrical socket.

Use electrical timers to turn lighting on and off inside and outside the home. This is a safety feature as well as a way to reduce the cost of electric bills. Reduce the wattage of light bulbs. There are several different brands of light bulbs that are energy efficient and offer longer life.

Upgrade the electrical amp service for optimal efficiency. Many older homes have outdated amp service that increases the cost of electricity when new appliances and other electrical devices are added. Consult with a licensed electrician to upgrade the existing amp service.

Replace outdated appliances like toasters, mixers and blenders that don’t offer energy efficiency. Keep a close eye on the electric meter readings and monitor and track changes like highs and lows.

Keep dryer vents free of lint and replace furnace and A/C unit filters. Don’t forget to reduce the temperature on your water heater. A slightly lower temperature reduces the cost of electricity.

Following these simple strategies will help to Efficiently Use Electricity and Save Money.

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